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Raise Backpackers


Hello and welcome to Raise Backpackers. This is my personal space for recording my travels with my children.

I have 3 kids aged 2/4/7 and I take them travelling every school holidays.  Sometimes we go an hour or two from home and sometimes we get on a long haul flight for a really exciting adventure. Sometimes my teenage step-children come and usually our au pair too.

A lot of people cringe at the thought of school holidays but I look forward to them because I see them as an opportunity to get out of our routine and our comfort zone and show the kids what goes on outside our small community. It’s world schooling without taking them out of school. Like all kids, mine fight, mess up my house faster than I can tidy it up and they want to watch TV all day so by going away we get out and about and have sleepovers in all sorts of cool places, make new friends and play in new playgrounds. Plus we can change the weather for a while! We love theme parks and cities but my favourite is just letting them play, with no toys, just whatever is around. I call it “untertaining” and it’s fascinating! I still have to cook and do washing and get kids to sleep but at least it’s in a different environment which makes it a break for me too.



I like to say, you don’t need to stay in a hotel, you just need somewhere that is safe, comfortable and convenient. There are many, many more options than hotels, which are expensive, particularly if you have more than 2 kids. Hotels are not conducive for traveling on a budget either, with other options you don’t have to eat in restaurants three times a day.

I'm not sure who scared who here but Xanthe is about to get butted by a three-legged baby goat!

I’m not sure who scared who here but Xanthe is about to get butted by a three-legged baby goat!

I don’t do destination reviews because there are plenty of them around. I just blog about the interesting things that happen to us and the adventures of travel with kids. I run my Instagram and Facebook on the road and I update my blog whenever we get home. I also have some general travel advice that you might find useful about packing, flying, choosing destinations and saving money. I have three little travel buddies with their own personalities and I’m doing my best to raise outdoorsy, imaginative, adventurous backpackers.