Raise Backpackers

About me

Halloween 2007, a dirty bus station somewhere in Mexico City. I was backpacking with another single girlfriend, successfully navigating problems as they arose. We noticed something unusual: a blonde couple, perhaps German or Scandinavian, with backpacks like us, but unlike us, they also had 2 little blonde boys with them. By little, I mean both under four years. I wanted to have kids, eventually.

“That’s cool, I’m going to be like them,” I told my friend. “I’m not going to stop travelling just because I have kids.”

How naive I was!

Fast forward to 2017, I have had 3 kids in 5 years. Plus 2 teenage step-children I inherited. So I either travel with 3 or 5 kids, ranging from a baby up to teenagers. Sometimes with my husband, sometimes on my own.

Me in Time

I’m Fiona. Now meet Xanthe, Serafina and Lewin. I have lived in London and Istanbul and travelled extensively in Europe, Latin America as well as Australia. I’ve also travelled bits of USA, Canada, Asia and a few other places. My dream is to do London to Perth overland (that means any transport that doesn’t fly!).

When I’m not travelling or researching and planning travelling, I like running, photography, watching tennis and trying to get a date night with my husband.

Most people expect once you have travelled in your 20’s, you will “settle down” and get married and have kids and got it “out of your system”. Well that didn’t happen to me and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  This website and blog is a hobby of mine, to share information, tips and adventures. I currently work for the government but I have grand plans for Raise Backpackers, so join me on my journey!