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Carrying Kids

Chances are you’ll be doing a lot of walking, whatever type of travelling you are doing. I love walking around, exploring cities, forests, towns, hiking mountains or traipsing around huge theme parks. Walking is inevitable. But: kids.

Kids get tired, kids need to sleep in the day, kids want to eat when you want to walk. Kids want to run away in crowds. Whatever your kids, if any of them are under about 4 you will need something to carry them in. My favourites are:

Small stroller – Most people choose a cheap stroller with the expectation it is going to get banged up, especially if you check it in on the plane. I bought an expensive stroller with the following features:

  • I can recline it easily by myself with just one hand. So when I am holding a sleeping baby and the back needs to go down, I can do it quickly and efficiently.
  • Has a clasp when it folds down, so it can be locked closed. If it’s been checked in, it will stay closed until I want to expand it again.
  • Has a rain cover, mosquito cover, snow cover, dark sleeping cover (whatever you will need).

Ergo or similar – I always take my Ergo but I am yet to find the best way to carry it around as it doesn’t fold up neatly. The thing I like the most about it is it’s versatility. I have taken it on several occasions and been able to use it for my 1 year old (front or back) and my 3 year old (just on the back). Juliet is a little trooper but once we’d spent a few days walking a few kilometres to Sydney Harbour and back to our accommodation, she just couldn’t do it anymore. It’s the cheat’s piggyback.

I choose not to take it on the plane as I probably wouldn’t use it and it’s very bulky with straps hanging everywhere so I pack it in the luggage and get it out at the other end. If you have a heavy baby that you think you might have trouble getting to sleep, the Ergo could be a lifesaver on the plane, walking up and down the aisles or around in circles at the emergency exit area.

The bank cancelled my credit card after that shopping spree!

The bank cancelled my credit card after that shopping spree!

In NYC we were shopping until midnight at Times Square. We had the big one asleep in the pram and the little one asleep in the Ergo and it was awesome!